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I have the best job in the world.....I get to help people move from where they are, to where they want to be! - Lene Beaver

About Lene

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Lene Beaver is a life coach and strategic interventionist with extensive trainings and certifications. Ever since she found her passion for coaching, she has spent hours and hours learning and studying. This passion grew out of being coached herself as she saw her life totally transform as a result of coaching and she has a deepfelt desire to pass this amazing experience on to others who are looking to feel more happy and fulfilled and who might not yet have found their passion and purpose in life. In order to be the best coach for her clients, Lene continues to learn and grow by attending seminars and diving into various books and programs on personal development.

Lene Beaver is also a professional flute-/piccolo-player. She received her music diploma in 2000 after studying at North Carolina School of the Arts and The Royal Danish Academy of Music in Copenhagen, Denmark. She has had the gift of performing with various orchestras around Scandinavia…..Lately she held contracts with The Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra and The Royal Danish Orchestra in Copenhagen, Denmark where she lives. For years and years, she was scared and insecure when she played and performed music….she always felt it was her fault if something didn’t sound just right. This was an area where coaching was amazing and transformational and she is now able to experience joy and happiness while playing music.

Privately she is the mother of two wonderful sons whom she loves and adores. Creating memories with them is on the top of her favorite ways to spend her time. Traveling is also high on her list of favorites and she loves training her body to be the best version of itself by running and working out in the fitness center. She completed an IronMan race in August 2017 as crossing the finish line was a dream lingering around for a long time.

Trainings and Certifications

Certified coach from Coach Training Alliance
Certified Strategic Interventionist from Robbins-Madanes Training
NLP practitioner from The Empowerment Partnership with Dr. matt
DISC trainer certification with Bonnie Burn
Completion of Tony Robbins Coaching Academy
One World Academy: Being Limitless “Awaken Your Inner Power”
Rhonda Britten: Fearless Conversations Workshop
Rhonda Britten: Fearless Living Workshop (March 2017)
Brendon Burchard: High Performance Academy (March 2017)
Rhonda Britten: Certified Fearless Living Coach (April 2018)

Seminars with Tony Robbins

"Unleash the Power Within" in London, New Jersey and West Palm Beach, Florida
"Date With Destiny"
"Leadership Academy"


Areas of coaching

Lene Beaver helps people get past the fears that has held them back from experiencing life to its fullest…..it could be fear of riding elevators, fear of flying, fear of driving across bridges, fear of heights, fear of sitting in big crowds of people, fear of performing….. And fear of taking action in any area of life which causes procrastination and creates a life with little or no fulfillment...

She uses simple and powerful methods to help her clients connect to their courage and release and let go and sometimes dance with their fears. Amazing results and life experiences await the people who work with her. She once had a client who came to her, because he had a fear of driving across bridges…..he used to wake up sweating because he knew he couldn’t avoid bridges when taking his family on vacation…..Through co-creative work with Lene Beaver, he connected to his courage and started driving across bridges with no fear that same day and decided to live out his dream of becoming a driving instructor for new drivers.

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Are you tired of living an unfulfilled life? Have you had enough of saying what you are going to do to change things but time and time again, you quit and end up doing nothing? Do you have dreams you would love to bring to life? If the answer to any of these questions is “YES”, read on……

Coach Lene Beaver has been trained to help you design and create the life of your dreams and of your choosing regardless of past experiences, limitations and beliefs about what is possible. She will support you, empower you, challenge you and cheer you on as you create the life YOU want to live. Imagine a life filled with love, excitement, self worth, self-confidence, happiness, joy, gratitude and so much more…..You CAN create a Life that is amazing too….You CAN Love Life….

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Have you ever been around couples who have the most wonderful and intimate relationship and finding yourself wishing it was you?

What would your relationship look like if you were choosing from your heart?

Are you ready for lasting transformation and to do what it takes to bring your relationship to a higher level of passion and total fulfillment?


Have you or does your partner seem to have lost interest?

Do you know deep inside your heart that you are not meant to be together, but you are scared of leaving?

Have you or your partner been unfaithful and even though you are still together, something is missing, your trust has been broken and you are struggling to find each other again?

One of Lenes heartfelt passions is to transform dead relationships into intimate, loving and passionate ones where each partner feels loved, respected, heard and understood every day.

The beauty of this matter is, that it only takes one person to change things around. Often people think it has to be both partners but it is not the truth. It only takes ONE person who is willing to go the extra mile to create lasting change.

Lene has seen many couples loose the spark and has been in a relationship just like that herself. Through her own life experiences and coaching, she explored and learned what to do to either set each other free or create a deeper and more intimate and passionate relationship. 

Maybe you are here in order to find help to create a passionate fulfilling relationship (again)....maybe you are in the process of leaving and getting divorced....maybe you are already single and struggling to find inner joy and happiness again. Whatever your situation is, Lene will help you get through to the other side, more empowered than ever and finding your heart waking up smiling again.

Why coaching?

The mission of Lene Beaver Life and Peak Performance Coaching is to inspire and help people from around the world design, create, transform and live life according to their dreams. There is nothing they want more than to see people wake up with a smile, being fulfilled and excited about their lives. The beauty of coaching is that the coach taps into the resourcefulness and strengths of the client and asks questions so the client comes up with their own best answers and solutions. 

In order to help our clients get from where they are to where they want to be, we do whatever it takes and sometimes this includes going outside the comfort zone and doing things differently than we normally do. This is part of the journey because: “Life is lived outside the comfort zone”.

Your coach will support you, encourage you, challenge you, cheer you on and create a safe and loving space for you to be in while you get from point A to point B. They will challenge limiting beliefs and point out what could be standing in the way for you to reach your goals. Along the journey, they will hold you accountable and make sure you complete the action steps that will get you there. 

At Lene Beaver Life and Peak Performance Coaching we only work with clients who are fully committed and willing to do whatever it takes to create lasting change.

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If you are ready and committed to create lasting transformation in your life, contact me today and sign up for a complimentary session here, send an email to lenebeaver@yahoo.com or simply fill out the contact form on this page. I will get back to you within 24 hours. 

I look forward to connecting with you!!

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